Service Tire Inc.

Service Tire Inc. was opened in 1958 in Shreveport,La. by a local family that still operates it today. We offer a wide variety of tires for luxury cars high performance cars, show cars, to heavy duty trucks. Car running hot, pulling, no brakes, we can fix it from alignments,water pumps, starter, power steering,and other parts of your car. So call or come on down to see us. 
                  WE DO IT RIGHT.

2 Location To Serve You
3406 Hearne                                                               1033 W. 70th
Shreveport, La. 71103                                                Shreveport, La. 71103
Ph.318-636-6366                                                          Ph.318-861-0571 

Open 8:am Till 5:00pm Monday Thru Friday-Saturday 8:00am-12.00pm

  Come See Us We'll Keep You Rolling

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